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Akua liked her buddy, Shaddy

Akua liked her buddy, Shaddy


It was a Saturday morning. Akua liked her buddy, Shaddy. So, she thought she would surprise him with a little present. “Shaddy will love this,” thought Akua. Akua skipped over to Shaddy’s house.

She rang the bell. No one answered. “Shaddy!!” Akua called. There was still no answer. “That’s funny,” “thought Akua.

I wonder where Shaddy will is.” Akua sat down on the step. Then Shaddy’s puppy, Pepper, trotted along. “Hi,Pepper!!”said Akua. “Do you know where Shaddy is ?” Pepper just looked at Akua.

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Then, he suddenly jumped up. Pepper got mud all over Akua’s dress. “Gross!”said Akua, as she hopped to her feet. ” You are no help”said Akua.

Meanwhile, Shaddy had gone to Akua’s house. He had a little surprise for her too! “Akua will love this,” thought Shaddy. Shaddy’s skipped up to Akua’s door.

He knocked “kor koor koor”! No one answered. “Akua!”called Shaddy. There was still no answer. ” That’s odd,”thought Shaddy. “I wonder where Akua is”. As Shaddy stood there, Akua’s fuzzy kittens rubbed against him. ” Hi,kittens, said Shaddy.

Do you know where Akua is ?” The kitten just played with the laces on Shaddy’s blue sneakes. One kitten fussed with the ribbon around her neck.

The other kitten scratched her collar. “You are no help!”said Shaddy Shaddy left Akua message. Then he walked home.

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Akua was still still sitting on Shaddy’s porch. “Where have you been ?”asked Akua. “I was at your house,” said Shaddy. “We must have just missed each other,” said Akua. “I suppose we did,” said Shaddy. “Why did you go to my house ?”asked Akua.

I wanted to give you this blackberries so that blackberry muffins,” said Shaddy. Then handed the bowl of berries to Akua.

“Why did you come to my house?”

“I came here to bring you a muffin tin so that we can make blackberry muffins” said Akua. Then she handed the muffin to Shaddy. To be continue…………..

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