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The latest song kallabi by Ahmerdy mp3 download available for promotion. If you love Ahmerdy Songs now you have the opportunity download kalabi song.

Ahmerdy is a Nigerian Musical Artist his free Download Mp3 song “Kallabi“. Ahmerdy audio hits more than 1+ million this it first week Kallabi Mp3 Download.

Video Hausa Music

Hausa Music Videos watch all the Latest Nigeria Music from your favorite Musician like Hamisu Breaker, Lilin Baba, Nt4, Naza, Garba and Davido, Wizkid etc.

Free Download Mp3 Ahmerdy songs 2021 on top of the Africa Music Industry, Download Mp3 from selected African Languages mainly Hausa, Ga, English and Akan.

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How do you greet in Hausa?

  • Sannu (“Hello”)
  • Na gode (“Thank you”)
  • Eh / A’a (“yes / no”)
  • Ina gidan wanka? (“Where is the bathroom?”)
  • Kunna bar / Juya dama (“Turn left / right”)
  • Daina (“Stop”)
  • Dadi (“delicious”)
  • Ina jin yunwa (“I’m hungry”)
  • Ruwa (“water”)

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