Home Celebrity Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli Biography The New Emir Of Zazzau 2020
Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli Biography The New Emir Of Zazzau 2020

Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli Biography The New Emir Of Zazzau 2020


Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli Biography of the 19th Emir of Zazzau, Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli was  born(June 8, 1966) is a Nigerian diplomat, Banker, traditional ruler and lawyer who is the 19th Emir of Zazzau, a traditional Nigerian kingdom headquartered in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He was the first king from the Mallawa dynasty to rule since leaving the kingdom a century ago, following the death of the emperor in 1920 (100 years later) to his grandfather, King Alu Dan Sidi.

Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli As Emir Of Zazzau

Ahmed was born in Kwarbai Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He was the eldest son of Noah Bamalli. Ahmed studied at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he obtained his LLB in 1989, and did his Masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the University in 2002.

Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli biography: The new Emir of Zazzau


Early Life and Education

He received his Diploma in Management. from Enugu State University of Science and Technology in 1998. Ahmed studied in many parts of the world; for example on conflict resolution at York University (UK) in 2009, earned a Diploma in Leadership from Oxford University (UK) in 2015. He also received a GMP from Harvard Business School, in 2011.

Life and Experience

Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli Biography the new Emir of Zazzau, Ahmed was the first king from the Mallawa dynasty in 100 years, after the death of Alh Shehu Idris. He also worked in the banking industry as a Managing Director and later held the position of Managing Director of the Nigerian Institute of Security, Printing and Minerals. He was the Permanent Commissioner of the Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission in 2015. Until his appointment as the new Emir of Zazzau, Ahmed held the position of Mayor of Zazzau and served as the Ambassador of Nigeria to Thailand, together and confidence in Myanmar at the same time. He became the new king of Zazzau on October 7, 2020. He was the eldest son of Noah Bamalli (Mayor of Zazzau). Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli Biography.



A. President, African Banknote Association 2013 -2014

B. Chairman, Board of Directors, Tawada Limited (Subsidiary of Nigeria Security

Printing and Minting Plc Nov 2012 to 2014

C. Director Laurman Limited 2009 – 2010

D. Director Ryden Oil and Gas 2009 – 2010

E. Director Harvard Business School Association of Nigeria 2014 – 2015

F. Royal title of Magajin Garin Zazzau 2001- date

G. Member Transition Committee Kaduna State 2016

H. Commissioner Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commissioner 2016 to 2017

I. Nigerian Ambassador to Thailand 2017 – Date (with concurrent accreditation to Myanmar)

Membership Of Professional Associations

I. Fellow Institute of Credit Administration (ICA)

II. Member Institute of Directors (MIOD)

III. Member Institute of Corporate Administrators (ICAD)

IV. Member Institute of Facility Managers (IFM)



Horse Riding


Nuhu Bamalli (1917 – 25 February 2001) served as foreign minister of Nigeria. Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria in Nigeria was named after him. It opened in February 1989

Nuhu Bamalli Magajin Garin zazzau “My late father, H.E. Nuhu Bamalli, held the princely title of Magajin Garin Zazzau. In the English translation it is much like lord mayor.”



Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli as Emir of Zazzau
Nigerians, especially in the north, are waiting for the announcement of the new Emir of Zazzau to succeed the late Alhaji Shehu Idris. The Emir of Zazzau, Dr. Shehu Idris, passed away on Sunday after 45 years on the throne of Zazzau. The 18th king of Zazzau has died at the age of 85. According to the Zazzau monarchy, the new monarch is elected from four royal palaces – the Mallawa, the Barbari, the Katsina and the Sullubawa.

Kingmakers of Zazzau Emirate have picked Iyan Zazzau, Bashir Aminu, as successor to the late Emir, Shehu Idris, who died on Sunday at the age of 84, SaharaReporters has gathered. The kingmakers include the Wazirin Zazzau, Alhaji Ibrahim Aminu, who is the Chairman, Makama Karami, Alhaji Muhammad Abbas, Fagacin Zazzau, Alhaji Umar Muhammad, Chief Imam of Zazzau, Sheikh Dalhatu Qasim and the Chief Imam of Kona, Sheikh Muhammad.

In conclusion Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli Biography the new Emir of Zazzau is now made the new king.


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