Home Sports Agreement with Juventus for the transfer of Arthur Melo
Agreement with Juventus for the transfer of Arthur Melo

Agreement with Juventus for the transfer of Arthur Melo


In this Agreement with Juventus for the transfer of Arthur Melo.

Agreement with Juventus for the transfer of Arthur Melo 1

“We are sorry Arthur we could not save your dream from our board!
We respect your decision and we know why you had to say yes to this transfer. You deserve to happy and respected.We wish you all the luck and success in your new journey. You will always be a Culé to us❤️”

Firstly, we can just wish him the best….he is a talented player…destroyed by our incompetent board…not the only one….we need to focus on who we are…we are Fc_Barcelona…we have our soul…our identity…more than any other teams…

We will never forgive this board for what it did to us over the past few years and now this.

You all just not disrespected the players but also ignored our plea every single time.

This board has shattered our dreams and hopes.

Secondly, Bartomeu destroyed the club. he spent almost half a billion in recruiting Dembele, Coutinho and griezmann. claimed Demble is better than Neimar. its painful to how organized and calculated was Real madrid, have excellent coach, plays as a team and a great reserve bench with multiple young talents.. frustrated with Bartomeu and team. he should be out as urgently as possible.

However there are,  a failed administration in every sense of the word Barcelona currently without barcelona identity after the retirement of Lionel Messi will be a weak club with this management we saw the last game against Celta Vigo the team was lost inside the pitch Celta Vigo was controlled on the rest of the game we regret to see Barcelona like this and we can not do anything.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I’m ashamed of being a barca-fan righWhat you have done to him who is such a potential and young player.. You swap this 23 years young lad who’s dream was to play for Barçelona with a 30 years old man, who’s prime time has already been passed away.. Are you making a team or an old age home..

The way he’s been treated is unacceptable. He deserves better than the way the staff has treated him.
Plus he was a great player with a lot of talent that we just wasted….

Moreover, He lived his dream even briefly. Now the board of his ‘own club’ took away his dreams. Ask him to stay, but it’s too late. Arthur, we love you! Bartomeu or Abidal or whoever pressured Arthur to leave.

In conclusion, Letting him go is not my problem, my question is does it change our problem in the team like alot have to change like even the board members and the scout I even hate the current Precident, and we have to learn to not depend on Messi we need replacement for Messi like Frank did before Ronaldinho left.

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