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ADUNIYA 99 is a Hausa TV series that is airing on YouTube. It is a drama series that explores the lives of different characters in a world full of challenges and temptations. The series is produced by Zinariya Hausa TV, a popular channel that offers various Hausa entertainment content. The series ADUNIYA 99 episodes, and the latest episode premiered on October 25, 2023.

ADUNIYA 99 latest episode premiered on October 25

Some of the actors in this series are:

  • Bilal Mustapha, who plays the role of Abdul, a young man who is in love with Zainab, but faces many obstacles from his family and society.
  • Amina A Shehu, who plays the role of Zainab, a beautiful and intelligent girl who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, but suffers from a terminal illness.
  • Zainab Abubakar, who plays the role of Hauwa, a cunning and manipulative woman who wants to marry Abdul for his money and status.
  • Jannat Hassan, who plays the role of Fatima, a kind and loyal friend of Zainab, who supports her through her struggles.

These are some of the main actors in the series, but there are also many other supporting and guest actors who appear in different episodes.

Zinariya Hausa TV

Zinariya Hausa TV is an online TV channel that showcases various programs in Hausa language, such as comedy, drama, music, and education. . Some of the popular programs on Zinariya Hausa TV are Sangami, A Duniya, and Kumurchi. If you are interested in Hausa culture and entertainment, you might enjoy Zinariya Hausa TV. 😊

Zinariya meaning in Hausa

Zinariya is a name that has different meanings in different languages and cultures. According to the web search results, Zinariya means:

  • Gold in Hausa, a language spoken in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.
  • Someone special to me in African, according to a submission from Nigeria.
  • A type of hoop earrings that feature the Adinkra symbol of Dwennimmen, which means humility and strength, and celebrates the African culture.
  • Golden melon in Nigerian, a fruit that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Zinariya is a beautiful name that reflects the diversity and richness of African heritage. 😊

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