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A myth is broken…

A myth is broken…


A myth is broken…

Conversely, an inspirational is a firebrand – someone  who is not only charismatic and an extrovert, or a cheer leader, but also one who is exceptionally talented in crisis management. In business, some inspirational leaders fit into this mold, but others do not fit in  perfectly. In fact,  a good number of many  inspirational leaders are dazzling introverts; they are, however, not by  any means persons who we can describe as weak or poor leaders.

According to Charles Handy, leadership is the ‘establishment of individual linking pins that will bind groups (nationals and citizens) together cohesively’. I can, therefore, explain this away that leaders will naturally be members of groups and will represent groups elsewhere in the internal and external environments. Professor Daft, on his part, defined leadership as ‘the ability to influence people towards the attainment of group goals and objectives’.  Thus, one common denominator which runs through every definition of  leadership underscores the interconnectivity of power and authority with leadership.

So, in all circumstances, leaders serve as linchpins between success and their people, but more importantly their overall prosperity. Enter the general notions of charisma and they completely disappear in the present era of turbulent changes and storms. Charisma is not a necessary ‘evil’ required to run a country successfully. Nevertheless, if you are a high profile charismatic person, fine. But if you are not, that is fine too; what should, nonetheless, be important is the competencies to run the company or by extension run a country effectively and efficiently as is exhibited in the present crisis situations in Ghana and across the world.

For me, the absence of charisma doesn’t automatically imply that leaders of the third world countries are bereft leaders, in terms of their abilities, to handle storms and crisis effectively. No, they not, hence their  rivals or opponents may be wrong in their evaluations along the lines charisma.

My points of departure is a high profile charismatic style is not the only fundamental requirement for building a successful company or a successful nation. Several successful state leaders (dead or alive) are not charismatic!!  But they have the latitude to show what  they can do independently and collectively. This is the cataclysms for success.

In the minds of such leaders, his people are his blueprints; his concern is about the people, and not about his own welfare; essentially those leaders reach out to everyone for their contributions to move the nation forward; this approach to issues,  ultimately, lead to an impressive success story, even in crisis and turbulences. That school of leaders, indeed, have inspirational qualities, but no charisma will manifest, yet they definitely excel.

In other words, inspirational leaders are through and through excellent repositories of strong sets of values built on honesty, openness of mind and the unwavering respect for others; they are  well and truly not afraid to bend the rules in the overall interests of the masses; they are also tolerant and non-judgmental; they are, above all, they are leaders who walk the talks as well.

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