Home News A Myth is Broken, Charisma mustn’t be the only quality
A Myth is Broken, Charisma mustn’t be the only quality

A Myth is Broken, Charisma mustn’t be the only quality


A Myth is Broken, Charisma mustn’t be the only quality for excellence in leadership

Over the past two decades or so, a lot of things have changed and are still changing in the business and management worlds. New definitions and styles of leadership seems to be evolving with these changes.

Familiar finance and growth strategies have also changed. Public Health challenges have also seriously dented the leadership front as COVID-19 spreads dreadfully across the entire world. No company can now really grow and prosper without new ideas believed to be products of only visionary, inspirational and very matured leaders.

It is also indeed clear that presently the changing needs of citizens and customers, increasing competitive pressures of the business environment, and the constantly evolving supra-abilities of suppliers in the mist of shortages, necessitates a continual creative thinking for a company as well as a whole nation that wants to stay ahead of the pack. Thus as of now, nothing in business can actually be left to chance and luck as events create a gulf of deadly uncertainties for companies and nations; no not at all.

The other reality is that not only has the dynamics of the  shift brought a number of challenges which has important  implications up for countries and companies considering humanities survival, sustenance,  growth and good health as well as innovative provision of safety valve for human species.

Here is the point where the need for inspirational and creative leaders has also  become rather crucial and extremely imperative if nations must survive the deadly outbreak of COVID -19.

These days it is obvious that a country only managers are allowed to ‘have ideas’ rarely achieve any great and productive citizens satisfaction.  For that reason,  a well motivated and highly inspired work force is totally indispensable todays climate of uncertainties and economic disruptions.

But the problem is what kind of leadership styles tend to get more than the other and which one do people freely, easily respond to, or better still, just how do leaders motivate the masses successfully.

Since the dawn of time leadership is both a process and an act.

A Myth is Broken, Charisma mustn’t be the only quality for excellence in leadership

According to Napoleon ‘a leader is a dealer in hope’. It is ,therefore, not inappropriate for students of leadership to reach the conclusions that ‘leadership is merely the capacity to translate vision into reality in the interest of subordinates and the citizenry.

Although leadership is an act of influencing others, it is equally the art of mutual participation for organizations including nation-states to enable them achieve stated national objectives and stated corporate goals.

I have no doubts that this explains why leadership is a people -oriented activity and why , in many instances, leaders mostly direct ‘ who does what, when, why, and how and with what resources.

A knowledgeable leader is an huge asset who is able to educate several others in a crisis situation  as we face presently COVID-19 and the World War I  and World War II.

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