Home Sports 9 years… he’s a keeper David De Gea
9 years… he’s a keeper David De Gea

9 years… he’s a keeper David De Gea


In this 9 years… he’s a keeper David De Gea

9 years... he's a keeper David De Gea 1
9 years… he’s a keeper David De Gea

Firsrtly, Mistake after mistake he’s simply not good enough.
Make a couple of mistakes per season ok we’ll forgive you that but you’ve made eight real howlers this season.
It’s so simple, drop to the bech and put Romero in goal who has never let us down. Sorry David you’re too unreliable.

I always remember that moment in front fans.
The day he P**d of Mata’s free kick in Chelsea game..
What a effort (Juan) seriously don’t think no body can deal with from entering the net.
But (de gea) trying his magic very well p**d it to the corner.

Absolute VINTAGE.
We wish to see him back to his best and avoid blunders in recent games.

Secondly, 60% of this clowns saves anyone could have done it, 10% of his saves were world class and 30% were absolutely awful.

There are however, the only world class player we`ve had for a while. Thanks for saving this Club.

Thirdly, Over 10 years they have won 2 premier leagues 10-11, 12-13 which de gea wasn’t the main goalie in those years and they have won 1 fa cup 15-16.

He’s and has been there for 10 years he should be a leader but he’s not he’s made the worst mistakes in the premier league that I’ve ever seen over the last 2 years, this is false he shouldn’t be celebrated like this.

Moreover, D. Handersan is the best young goalkeeper but We love Degea because of his was all time in team is down so we don’t want to leave him our RED MANCHESTER and
We don’t want to lose D. Henderson who the best goalkeeper. that time is difficult for united’s fan.

In conclusion, One way to define this guy, he is good, pulls out great saves, match saving saves,and at the same breath, makes mistakes, but one cancels out the other, and in this case, the good overshadows the bad, a great player.