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    86w app download

    It’s an investment platform, according to the website, that allows you to make money. By simply registering for an account and depositing funds. Continue reading Below

    What is the difference between 86FB and 86W?

    Every day at 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., and 9 p.m., the corporation (IFC) sends out three predictions to its members (11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., and 9 p.m.), and all you have to do is play those three predictions to win!!!

    Who owns the domain 86FB?

    86FB is a sports investment firm based in Manchester, England. City Football Group (CFG Co., Ltd. for short) with a good background cofounded it in May 2015.

    What exactly is 86FB?

    The City Football Group owns 86FB, a football betting site. It is a joint venture holding corporation based in the United Arab Emirates.

    There has never been anything like this before.. 86FB is here to change the financial narrative of the Ordinary Nigerian!

    So the smartest thing to do is to Register, Fund your account and begin your financial journey Immediately!!

    What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal on

    86w APP Download Minimum Deposit: ₦3500

    86w APP Download Minimum withdrawal: ₦3500

    You are guaranteed to make 3% daily profit of your investment.. meaning the more money you have on your dashboard, the more money you will make daily!

    Is 86w a Gamble or Betting Site? is not a gambling platform.. It’s an investment platform that guarantees daily profits!

    How 86w APP Download works

    Open an account 86w APP Download

    Fund it with a minimum Of ₦3500/above

    Join Official WhatsApp Group where daily Signals are dropped

    Make 3% profit of your deposit daily.
    Grow your deposit (Using compound interest) or cash out Everytime you make a profit of ₦3500

    The more money you have in your dashboard, the more money you make daily.

    At… There are no losses… Just wins

    Nigerians can request for withdrawal via bank transfer Or USDT payment 24/7

    None Nigerian Residents will get paid in USDT 24/7.

    What this means is that You can also invite your friends outside Nigeria to join your team! They can easily deposit and withdraw using USDT!

    Place withdrawal and get paid within 10 minutes!!

    86FB holds the record for the fastest paying platform online!! You can request for withdrawal 3 times a day.

    Register today and join us in making real money every 11am and 5pm daily.. With peace of mind!

    No Risk… No loses

    86w APP Download Referral Commissions

    Referral is not mandatory on 86FB. You will get paid even if you don’t refer to anybody.. (86FB IS NOT AN MLM OR REFERRAL BASED PLATFORM) but has its benefits & they are listed below

    (1) Invite 5 people to register and fund their 86FB with your referral link and the system will reward you with ₦7,000

    (2) Invite 20 people and get ₦33,000

    (3) Invite 50 people and get ₦80,000

    (4) Invite 200 people and get ₦200,000

    Salary payment scheme
    86FB has a salary payment arrangement for their members!! This is what makes the platform unique.

    If you have a total of 50 Registered and Funded (Active Members) On your team.. that is 50 members from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd downlines, the company will pay you a monthly salary of ₦20,000 into your bank account.

    If you have 200 active downlines, you will receive ₦150,000 as monthly Salary.

    If you have 500 active downlines, you will receive ₦350,000 as monthly Salary

    If you have 1000 active downlines, you will receive ₦1,000,000 as monthly Salary.

    86FB Salary is paid on the 15th of every Month

    What You Need To Know in 86FB Platform

    Accumulated effective transaction is the total amount you have used to book games. It is not withdrawable.

    Click here to register
    To download 86w App Kindly visit the site At the Right hand side of the site You’ll see The download app option. You can download and start using the App. Registration/Sign up
    To Register on kindly do this with promo code Call for registration 08066918208

    Click Register
    Enter your details
    Click on the Register to complete the registration Football Promo Code
    Call for registration 08066918208
    Is scam?
    There’s No evidence that 86w is a scam for now. We keep monitoring the app as we’ve also invest just to see if it’s scam or legit. We will keep updating this Content as we make our findings.

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