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200 Best Happy New Month Of August Messages And Prayer To Family And Friends



Happy New Month Of August

Below are 100 Happy new month messages, new month prayers, and new month wishes to send to your friends and family members

1. May God specially attend to your situation this month, and your family’s too. Happy newest month.

2. It shall be well with you all that is yours this month and beyond. Happy newest month.

3. The doors of blessings shall be opened for you & your Family throughout this month, and forever. A happy new month to you all from me.

4. May you continue to dwell within the cover of Almighty this month and forever. Have a blessed month.

5. No traces of sadness shall be linked to your home this month but you shall enjoy the best of God. Have a glorious month.

6. As long as there is God in Heaven, you will never know shame but joy everlasting. A happy new month to you.

7. Every spirit working to re-position your destiny shall perish by fire and you shall overcome all challenges in this month.

8. This shall be your best month and the following months shall be better. Enjoy the best of the month!

9. Of all that will testify around you at the end of this month, you shall take the lead. Happy new month to you.

10. Your wealth and miracles will arrive this month, and your peace and joy shall be permanent. Happy birthday to you.

11. As from today, you will rise above limitations and you shall testify to God’s goodness in all that concerns you. Happy new month.

12. Your success this month shall attract celebrations. Watch out for the best. Happy new month.

13. The devil will not hack into the secret of your success this month and forever. Have a blessed month.

14. The evil ones shall not manipulate the password to your JOY and FAVOUR this month. Enjoy the best of the month.

15. YOU and your FAMILY are born to win and rule and so shall your testimony be this month. A happy new month to you and yours.

16. Remain blessed. Remain unshaken. The Lord has got your back this month. A happy new month to you.

17. I see this month answering all your heart desires. Be expectant. Happy new month.

18. This month, your expectations shall not be cut short and your testimony shall not be hindered. Happy new month.

19. In all that you will do this month, God shall be your guide. You shall succeed. Happy new month.

20. Don’t worry about the past months, this month will end in praise. Just be hopeful. Happy new month.

21. Sweetheart! Never lose focus, remain positive and speak power to your life. You shall overcome, dear. Happy new month.

22. All shall be made perfect in your life and God shall mend all the pieces of your life. Happy new month.

23. As the month cooks up, I pray that you’ll never be defeated by the enemy and your life shall be spiced up with unique wisdom and understanding. Happy new month.

24. May the days of this month be free from trouble for you and may your eyes see good days always. Happy new month.

25. As the month loads all good things, may it be all yours. Happy new month.

26. From today, till forever. Let all that you do yield you gain without loss. Happy new month.

27. May you triumph victoriously in this month and you shall not be replaced of your position. Happy new month, my Dearest.

28. As you always smile, you shall continue to smile. I love you, baby. Happy new month.

29. This new month. You shall receive extraordinary favour from man and from God. Happy new month sweetest.

30. May your trust in God increase and may He uphold you till the end sweetie. Happy new month to you, love.

31. Uncommon things beyond human imaginations shall take place in your life. Happy new month.

32. As you begin this month, may it launch you into the ocean of wealth, a beautiful beginning and a wonderful ending. Happy new month.

33. I’m glad it’s a new month Darling. New things shall unfold in your life. Happy new month.

34. If you’ve started on the wrong path, this month shall place you in the right lane and keep you graced to achieve your goals. Happy new month.

35. May this month speak GRACE, May this month spread JOY and May this month shower EVERLASTING LOVE on everything you do. Happy new month.

36. May you hear pleasant news of Joy that will keep your soul calm. Happy new month.

37. My love! May this month sing sweet melodies that will keep your soul joyous forever. Happy new month.

38. Sweetie! I toast to better days ahead, a month of fulfilments, fruitfulness and happiness. Happy new month.

39. This month, I pray that you shall be of value, be useful and remain blessed all the days of your life. Happy new month.

40. My princess! All that you desire shall be granted to you in this month. I love you. Happy new month.

41. Honey! I pray that this month soars you to height unimaginable and floods your life with evidential blessings. Happy new month dear.

42. The opportunity of seeing a new month is not experienced by all but it’s here and you’re opportune. May your joy increase. Happy New Month My Love.

43. At the dawn of this month, your happy beginning shall not end with sadness. Happy new month, baby.

44. A new month is here again. New plans, structure and timetable are made but having all, I pray that all the days of this month give you uncommon victory. Happy new month darling.

45. My Dear, I pray that all your experience this month will bring your dreams to fulfilment. Happy new month, love.

46. May your days be bright and may this month radiate beautifully in all you do. Happy new month my love.

47. My treasure! A beautiful month, beautiful days and constant greatness are what I pray for you this month. Happy new month, my Dearest.

48. Sweetheart! My greatest desire for you this month is that all your pending requests be answered with extra blessings. Happy new month Darling.

49. Gradually, the weeks would roll away but I pray for you that you’ll roll in this month with great success in all ramifications. Happy New Month sweetie.

50. Let me begin by saying. Baby! Happiness, peace, love, goodness, and mercy shall never take a break from your life. Love you, dear. Happy new month love.

51. You won’t cease being the best for people around you this month and forever. A happy new month to you.

52. This month, and beyond, may you be the definition of God’s grace. Amen.

53. As you start this month, success shall be yours in all your endeavours. Happy new month, dear.

54. Your life shall not lack grace and mercy, this new month. A happy new month to you and yours.

55. You shall enjoy favour everywhere you turn this month and throughout this year.

56. You shall greatly increase on every side this month. A happy new month to you.

57. All through this month, I pray you shall experience peace, prosperity, and visible progress on every side. A happy new month to you and yours.

58. Every step you take this month shall lead you to unspeakable testimonies, in Jesus’s name. Happy new month.

59. Like never before, your efforts shall attract envious results, even as you start this new month. Amen.

60. As we watch the day unfolds and nobody is able to stop it, so shall your hopes, dreams, and aspirations be unstoppable this month and beyond. A happy new month to you.

61. When this month ends, everything will turn around for your good. Watch it and believe it! A happy new month to you from me.

62. This month, you shall be a point of reference, a channel of blessings, a symbol of desirable successes and a celebrated achiever. Amen. Happy new month.

63. Stay permanently blessed and have a blissful month. It’s your month of joy. Happy new month, dear.

64. This month, the voice that parted the Red Sea shall make a way for you where you think there is no way. Happy new month, dear.

65. The Lord that brought water out of the rock will open the doors of unimaginable blessings for you this month and beyond. A happy new month to you and your family.

66. By the grace of God, every unpleasant event shall answer to a miracle this month. Have a blessed month.

67. Among your peers, fresh testimonies shall be your portion this month. Enjoy every moment of the new month.

68. Accelerated favour shall locate you and irreversible success shall be your daily experience this month. Best of the month to you!

69. You shall laugh over every situation this month and tears of sorrow shall never drop from your eyes. Have a blessed month.

70. May God grant you the grace to overcome all reigning challenges in your life this month and beyond. Happy new month.

71. This month, those who present themselves as your friends but are deadly enemies shall be exposed & disgraced in Jesus’ name. Happy newest month.

72. As long as there’s God in heaven, this month shall be in your favour. Your family shall share in same. Happy new month.

73. Your life will always be peaceful and you shall be an example of all amazing things. Happy new month.

74. The door of goodness shall be opened for you and your family, this month and forever. A happy new month to you all.

75. Every satanic power trying to reorder your life this month shall be crushed by heavenly hosts. A victorious month ahead!

76. Every spirit working to re-position your destiny for evil this month shall perish by fire. Happy new month.

77. All your pending blessings shall be delivered to you this month in Jesus’s name. A testimony-filled month ahead!

78. This shall be your month of surprising testimonies, in Jesus name. A happy new month to you from me.

79. Let every challenge in your life begin to receive the attention of the King of Kings for divine intervention. So shall it be for you this month! Happy new month.

80. Your moment of struggles shall give way to seasons of laughter and so shall it be for you this month. A happy new month to you.

81. Whatever has made you wander around in the past months will turn around this month and make you a “wonder” to your generation. Happy new month.

82. Everywhere you go this month, may you enjoy divine favour in Jesus name. Enjoy it.

83. This new month, I pray you will be divinely connected for greater exploits in Jesus name. Happy new month.

84. As you start this month, may all ordinances and laws are written contrary to your destiny be shattered into pieces in Jesus name. A happy new month of victory.

85. By the Grace of God, all you have ever lost in times past will be restored to you this month. Be expectant! Happy new month.

86. This month, God will increase and multiply your harvest. You will testify to God’s goodness in all you do. A happy new month to you.

87. Throughout this month, you will testify over all situations by the power in the name of Jesus. Happy new month.

88. Good things will not be scarce in your life throughout this month and beyond, in Jesus Mighty name. Happy new month.

89. As you start this new month, nothing will remove the radiant Glory of God over your life in the name of Jesus. Happy new month.

90. As the Sun rises every morning, so shall your greatness emerge throughout this month and forever, in the same of Jesus. Happy new month.

91. From this month, the Almighty God will command the Heavens and the earth to act in your favour, in all you do. Happy new month.

92. For you and all yours, the glory of the latter months of this year shall be greater than the former, in the name of Jesus. Happy new month.

93. This month, God will speak for you in every way and you shall testify to His Goodness. Happy new month.

94. Like never before, Heaven will open for your sake this month and blessings from above will locate you. A happy new month to you.

95. Whatever you say or do this month shall be seasoned with favour. Have a blessed month ahead.

96. God’s presence shall be your daily abode throughout this month. I wish you all the best of the month.

97. Throughout this month and beyond, no evil shall fall upon you and your family in Jesus name. All the best!

98. very power set to crumble your way and your household’s shall be shattered.

99. Under a divine declaration, begin to advance, begin to make it, begin to proceed as you begin this month. I wish you all the best.

100. Things of joy will not cease from your home this month, and throughout this year. A happy new month to you and your family.

Share some beautiful words of love and care to show your support and affection towards your family and friends as they embrace the month of August tagged the month of Divine Visitation.

  1. Happy new month lovelies, welcome to the month of August, everything will turn around for our good and I pray our love remains forever, and not like an August visitor’s love.
  2. Wishing you all the best on this earth as we make it to this new month. Remain blessed now and for the rest of your life.
  3. In this beautiful new month, I am praying for lots of success in your life; may you find peace and success.
  4. Wishing all my friends a wonderful new month. I am wishing you all the best in everything you are doing in this new month.
  5. No matter what happens this new month, may the Lord remember you among the most blessed people ever!
  6. I am wishing you the most beautiful things ever on earth as we celebrate the hope of a new month.
  7. May you rise above every problem that sticks to your destiny; I just want to say happy new month my friend.
  8. You are my best friend and I love to hear that from friends. Less I forget, may this new month bring love into your home!
  9. May the Lord bless you with endless joy on this special month; as you look up to your daily need, I pray that your hands should reach them.
  10. I just want to wish every one of you a beautiful, cute and awesome new month. Enjoy yourselves to the end.
  11. My prayer is to see every happy this new month. May your days be crowned with lots of success and prosperity!
  12. Giving thanks to the Almighty God who spared our lives up till this moment as we celebrate the new month’s success.
  13. We pray that this new month brings lots of success into your world, and makes you one of the happiest people.
  14. This new month, may you soar on Eagle’s wings, riding above all the challenges of life. May the world witness the rising of your glory. May your enemies never be able to stop your shinning. Happy New Month to you.
  15. Where Eagles fly, where greatness abounds, where boundless love exists, that will be your abode this month. You will enjoy limitless testimonies. Happy New Month.
  16. This is the first of better months for you. Henceforth, may you not know a better yesterday. May your path keep shining brighter and brighter. You will live fulfilled and your soul will be thoroughly satisfied. Happy New Month.
  17. You won’t lack divine help and direction this month. When you call for one, thousands will fall at your feet. Everywhere you go, you will be celebrated. Have a beautiful month.
  18. You will lend to many, you will not borrow from any. You will not know lack. The Lord will bless the works of your hand and make your way prosperous. Happy new month.
  19. This new month, you will abide under the shadow of the Highest. You will be divinely protected and catered for. No harm shall come to you. No evil shall come near your dwelling. Happy New Month.
  20. May each day of this month show forth the goodness of God in your life. May songs of praise flow ceaselessly from your lips may the month be your best yet. Happy New Month.
  21. Every of your little efforts this month shall yield massive returns. Your massive efforts shall yield overflowing blessings. Your glory will shine for all to see. You will be celebrated in no small measure. Happy New Month.
  22. In this new month, may you increase on all sides, and may your heart leap like a well-fed kid in the fields. May you grow in leaps and bounds. There’s no dulling your shine, no holding you back. Have a beautiful month ahead.
  23. As the month unfolds, may the Lord shine His light on every dark issue in your life. He will give you illumination and insight into every difficult situation. You will not walk in darkness. And it shall be well with you. Happy New Month.
  24. May you soar above every failure and disappointment in this new month and beyond. Happy New Month to you dearest friend.
  25. May this new month bring you more joy, gladness, laughter and fun than ever before. Happy New Month to you bestie.
  26. Hope the arrival of a new month brings you closer to your destination and fulfils all your dreams! Have a Happy New Month, my friend!
  27. The wind is blowing, birds are chirping and trees are whispering in my ear that new days are coming. So be ready my friend to embrace what’s new in your life. Happy new month buddy!
  28. It’s my prayer that you make every second, minute, day and week of this month count. Happy New Month my friend!!
  29. May God Almighty showers you with all the love, and peace and keeps you and your family always close to him. I wish you all the best for the upcoming month.
  30. Welcome to the New Month that will embrace you with loads of love and decorate you with colours of blessings. It will be the best of the best months you will ever encounter. Happy New Month, dear.
  31. You just stepped into a new month of blessings as you will shine as bright as the Sun and be valued as precious as Diamonds. The heavens will protect your path and grant you your secret desires, Amen! I wish you a pleasant new month.
  32. Lighten up your environment with your brightest smiles, and make merriments because it will be a fabulous new month. Welcome to a month of blessing and fulfilment. May the rest of your days be memorable.
  33. This New Month shall bring a plethora of changes in your life. These changes shall be positive and the best you have ever seen. It will move your life to a greater height. Have a happy New Month, my darling friend!!
  34. I pray this month will be better than the past months. Hold your head high. Never be afraid to tell what is in your heart. May you enjoy the fullness of grace and joy. Happy new month bestie.
  35. Cheers to an awesome and interesting month ahead. A month full of fun, adventures and gladness. Happy New Month friend.
  36. Dear friend, Happy New Month! May you get to spend every day with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart! Sending best wishes to you!
  37. Like the eagle, you will fly above every obstacle on your way to success in this new month. Happy New Month to you, Dad.
  38. Cast away all your confusion and hold on to your hopes. A new month is coming to replace all the odds with countless opportunities for you. Happy new month to my beautiful daughter.
  39. As we watch the day unfolds and nobody is able to stop it, so shall your hopes, dreams, and aspirations be unstoppable this month and beyond. A happy new month son.
  40. A new month is an opportunity for me to shower my love on you with newer vigour and truly make you mine! Happy New Month, love!
  41. Happy New Month to you! May God seize the moments of worries from your life and replace them with faith and joy in the month ahead!
  42. Your joy and happiness in this new month will know no boundaries. Happy New Month my beautiful mum. I cherish you forever.
  43. A month with new ideas, new motivation and new things to explore is awaiting you. Step in and do greater exploits. Happy New Month my dearest husband.
  44. Cheers to a better, brighter and more beautiful new month. Son, I cherish you today and always. Happy New Month my dearest son.
  45. May you be successful in all that you do this month and until the end of time. Happy New Month my princess.
  46. May each and every day of this month be filled with cheerfulness and pleasant hopes. I wish you a fabulous new month, my lovely wife.
  47. In this new month, you shall flourish and do exploit. You shall be blessed beyond measure. Happy New Month Dad.
  48. Happy New Month to you! May each day of the upcoming month bear the holy blessing of God and shelter you from all evil.
  49. A new month in our life means my love for you is up by one more level. So, let’s celebrate the achievement as the new month is almost knocking at the door. Happy new month darling.
  50. Is it just me or do you become even more beautiful with each passing month? Happy new month, my love.
  51. As we enter this rainy season, let our love be watered and nourished to produce sweet fruits. Happy new month, baby.
  52. My love for you remains evergreen, regardless of how many months come and go. Happy new month.
  53. Every new month brings new blessings, and I pray that this month brings us an abundance of them. Happy new month, dear.
  54. I feel so lucky to be starting this new month with you by my side. Here’s to a great month ahead for us both.
  55. As long as we hold hands, our love will withstand any change or challenge. Happy new month to my soulmate.
  56. Your presence in my life brings light and joy to every day. Here’s to spending another month together. Happy new month, honey.
  57. A new month means new opportunities to show you how much I love you. Let’s make this one even more special than the last. Happy new month, my love.
  58. Life is full of second chances, and the arrival of a new month brings new possibilities. Embrace them and enjoy the journey.
  59. As the new month approaches, I promise to always find new ways to impress and show my love for you. I love you more with each passing day.
  60. The deadline for achieving your goals has been extended for another 30 days. Smile and explore the opportunities the new month brings.
  61. I am grateful for another month to spend with the person I love most. Nothing brings me greater joy than being with you.
  62. May the new month bring happiness and joy to you and your family? May your life become even more colorful and fulfilling.
  63. No matter what challenges you faced last month, a new month brings new hope and possibilities. Keep moving forward and never lose hope.
  64. May the new month unfold positive surprises and blessings in your life. Forget the past and know that I will always be there for you.
  65. Your license for dreaming has been renewed with even more facilities for the new month. Contact me for details.
  66. A new month means 30 days full of smiles, joys, and delights. I am here to make sure that happens for you.
  67. As the month comes to a close, I realize you are even more beautiful. Is it the new month effect or just the way you are?
  68. May the new month bring positive turns and twists in your life that you never expected.
  69. Whatever the new month brings, keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude.
  70. A new month means my love for you grows even stronger. Let’s celebrate this achievement together.
  71. Be grateful for another month of life and the chances it brings to achieve your dreams.
  72. The new month brings new possibilities and opportunities. Embrace them with open arms.
  73. My prediction for you this month is that it will be even better than the last. Keep believing in yourself and your dreams.
  74. The wind is blowing, birds are chirping, and trees are whispering that new days are coming. Be ready to embrace what’s new in your life.
  75. Wave goodbye to your past struggles and exhaustion. Welcome the new month with energy and a renewed spirit.
  76. Strive for excellence always. You deserve the best. Go for gold this new month.
  77. Aim for excellence always, and make the most of every opportunity. Wishing you a month full of success and achievement.
  78. May you have the wisdom to make the right decisions, the discernment to know your path, and the success to make your dreams a reality. Have a fantastic month ahead.
  79. Let this month be one of overcoming obstacles, realizing your potential, and achieving your goals. Here’s to a month of possibilities and success.
  80. May the angels of the Lord guide and protect you throughout the month, bringing you joy and peace. Happy new month!
  81. Wishing you mornings full of favour, afternoons with abundant harvests, and evenings of restful peace. Have a wonderful month ahead.
  82. May every aspect of your life experience healing and renewal, and may you enjoy a season of blessings and testimonies. Happy new month.
  83. May your heart be filled with joy, your days be fruitful, and your blessings be abundant. Here’s to a month of joy and fulfilment.
  84. May you attract excellence in all that you do, matter among those who matter, and shine brilliantly throughout the month and beyond.
  85. Wishing you refreshing mornings, fruitful afternoons, relaxed evenings, and a month filled with beauty and bliss.
  86. May this new month be a time of growth, learning, and standing out among your peers? Have a great month ahead.
  87. May you weather any storm that comes your way and glide gracefully into success. Cheers to a new month!
  88. May every step you take be surrounded by beauty, favour, and success. Happy new month!
  89. May this month be full of blessings and untapped potential, bringing you prosperity and success? Here’s to a beautiful new month and a bright new day.
  90. Get ready to reap a great harvest of prosperity and success this month. It shall be well with you. Happy new month!
  91. Let go of the past and embrace the new month with open arms. May every day be filled with beauty and happiness.
  92. Make every moment count this month, embrace enthusiasm and excitement, and have a blissful and fulfilling month ahead.
  93. May your hard work be fruitful, your labour yield bountiful harvests, and your mouth be filled with laughter. Wishing you a super month.
  94. I pray that God will increase my joy and happiness, and decrease my sadness and sorrow in this new month. Happy New Month to me.
  95. Excellence shall court your ways. You will matter amongst people that matter. You will shine this new month and always, amen.
  96. I hope that this month comes as a blessing to you and your family. Happy new month!
  97. Every new month is like a lottery ticket. You never know if you win, but you absolutely have to try. May this month be filled with victories and pleasant surprises. Enjoy every second of it!
  98. May all your days in this new month be filled with God’s blessings. Happy New Month to you, my dearest brother.
  99. Wisdom-filled head, a discerning heart, legs marked with direction, and success all around. Those and more are all I wish you. Have a great month ahead.
  100. A new month is coming to take back all the negativity from this month and shower you with all the positivity in this world to make your life even more wonderful.

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